My name is Mark Eimer. I’m a Creative Director, Art Director, Designer with 30+ years experience in advertising and marketing. Early in my career an ad agency creative director told me I should never have graduated from college. I’m just getting everything out on the table. 

A Muller Guy. 

After working for smaller agencies and freelancing in Tampa, I moved back to Kansas City where I joined John and Kathy Muller at Muller + Co. I told him I was going to do great things, and stayed for 11 years.

Sharing is good. So good. 

John and the very talented people of Muller + Co, taught me to see things differently. Differentiation is key. Blending in is a no-no. Which is pretty much a basis for today’s virality. Sharing is so good.

You’ll Steal These People. 

In 2006, I struck out on my own. Today, after many years of collaboration, I have access to the best team ever. You’ll want to steal these people. You can. We’re a league of busy and eager marketers.

Fly Rod. Daughter.

Lastly, I’m a champion for balance. These days I balance creative demands with time spent standing in the middle of a river; fly rod in hand. Or shuffling props onto the field for the halftime performance of marching band.