Revive Health

“I’ve worked with talented creative nationwide and here’s what I’ve learned from working with Mark: geographic boundaries and layers of agency staff don’t matter at all. Great creative is defined by insight, a passion to succeed and the ability to visualize the unexpected. Talent doesn’t hurt, either, and Mark has it in spades.”

– Brandon Edwards, Chief Executive Officer


“Mark Eimer is a talented Art Director and Designer. His designs are strong, insightful, and really hit the mark. His ability to produce creative designs within the client’s constraints and quickly respond to feedback are an asset as well. You have to really appreciate a designer who focuses on making your job easier.

– Greg Avila, Production Manager

Prairie Dog / TCG

“We have partnered with Mark Eimer on creative campaigns and projects for many years at Prairie Dog|TCG. I love Mark’s creativity and design taste. He just has the knack for bringing concepts to life in a unique and engaging way. But Mark is much more than a designer. He brings a high strategy IQ to every problem, pushing the conceptual process to really smart places. Mark is a fantastic creative director and strategic partner. I highly recommend him.”

– Jerry Hobbs, President

J. Schmid & Associates

“When we need to outsource creative projects that require killer design, solid strategic thinking and real value, we know exactly who to turn to. “Call Mark.” When Mark is on a project, it’s one less thing I have to worry about. No worries. No nonsense. No prima donna attitude. He’s the complete package….not to mention one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. If you’re looking for a top-notch creative resource, here’s my advice: Call Mark.”

– Brent Niemuth, President, Chief Creative Officer

Johnson County Park & Recreation District

“As we began working with Mark to identify communication needs and zero in on promotional objectives for the event, we quickly came to realize his ability to inspire discussion and generate consensus during our planning sessions was just as impressive as his creative talents. Thanks to Mark’s efforts, the festival enjoyed a successful launch and benefited significantly from an identity package that was strategic, unique and totally relevant to our marketing needs.”

– Randy Knight, Community Relations Manager

The Wendy’s Company

“In my role, I work with creative talent from all over the world but one of the best is found in Kansas City.  I’ve known Mark for 20 years and I keep coming back to him because he does good work that makes me look good.  I recommend Mark without reservation.”

– Rob Crews, Vice President / Marketing International  


Issue No.

Mark is an adult. That may sound silly, but with so many graphic designers out there, it’s great to work with a true art and creative director who can think through complex communication and marketing challenges and bring back thoughtfully conceived design solutions.

– Brett Posten, Chief Creative Officer

PrintBig Solutions

Mark is a pleasure to work with. His detailed research was the backbone of our rebranding project. He went to great lengths to listen to our customers and created a fresh look for our company which reflects what we do and how we operate. Mark is a very talented designer but what he did for us went far beyond design.

– Joe Duffy, Owner

Colon Prep

Eimer Creative helped us build a brand that inspired our clients to have confidence in us – and that was extremely valuable for a new company. Two and a half years later, we’re still using the tactics they developed – and thriving. What you get from Eimer Creative isn’t just great work at competitive rates. What you get are the tools you need to help your business succeed. That should be the bottom line for every business owner.

– Tom Sanders, CEO